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Akthof - Painting, Drawing, Sculpting
The painting, drawing and sculpture school in Türkenstraße in Munich Schwabing.

Türkenstraße 78
80799 München

Visit us during our office hours:
Tuesday-Thursday 2-5pm,
and also during classtimes.


Our complete range of courses in the area of figure and portrait drawing, figure painting, portfolio preparation, also our 12 week foundation course, is available all the year round. Further information about our current courses can be found on the menus on the left or by visiting us in the Akthof directly.

In the Akthof, our teachers are artists who have had a classical, academic training. They pass on their experience to all those who want to draw or paint. The teachers support, correct and instruct every pupil in anatomy and drawing and painting technique - each lesson is stimulating and challenging for both beginning and advanced students alike.


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We teach all year round except for:

Christmas vacation 23th of December 2022 till 8th of January 2023
Easter Monday April, 10th 2023, Whit Monday, May, 29th 2023


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